Peru, Country of Diversity. Gallery

Peru is diverse and rich. It is considered one of the 10 mega-diverse countries due to its high count of life zones, climates, number of species, genetic resources, and cultural expressions.

More than just coast, mountains and jungle, Peru contains 84 of the 117 life zones identified worldwide and 28 of 35 identified climates around the world. Peru also has the largest diversity of ethnic groups, aboriginal languages and linguistic families in the Americas.

This is just a sample of what this diversity entails.

Saw mill in Iquitos, Peru. 

High Andes Lakes. 

The Temple of Pachacamac, Lurin. 

Cabo Blanco 

Moche pottery from the North Coast  ...


Madre de Dios River. 

National Reserve of Lachay 

Tambopata River, Pto. Maldonado. 

Paracas Candelabra. 

Santiago Apostol Church in Surco, L ...

Rosa Nautica, Miraflores, Lima. 

San Francisco Church, Lima, Peru. 

Salt Mines of Maras, Cusco. 

Detail on Colonial Church in Tumbes ...

Colonial church in Tumbes, Peru. 

Tumbes Reserved Zone