The Naked Cowboy

Picture of the Month (March 2023)

Manhattan is full of well-known tourist attractions: the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Grand Central Terminal, the Statue of Liberty, and Times Square, among others.

Times Square was the center of many sinful activities and businesses during the 70’s. Sinners from all over will visit this crossroad (7th Avenue, Broadway, and West 45th Street) to enjoy strip tease shows, drug dealing, adult magazines, prostitution, and much more.

In the 80’s, Times Square started changing when the City of New York adopted strong actions to provide safety in the area. Disney Corporation bought buildings in the area and the City of New York invested money to make changes. Today, Times Square hosts well known corporate stores and offices, like Disney, M&Ms, Hershey’s, NASDAQ, and Hard Rock Café. It also offers a kiosk to buy tickets to a Broadway Show at a discount, and a myriad of Comic characters ready to be part of your selfie. The lights from the neon, and LED signs, with their varying palette of colors, bathe hundreds of tourists, commuters, and a few locals who walk around.

Times Square still has vestiges from the 70’s. Summer or Winter, the Naked Cowboy wanders Times Square dressed in only a hat, boots, and a guitar that covers the front of his underwear. He walks Times Square ready to sing to tourists and pose with them for a picture …

The Naked Cowboy
The Naked Cowboy sings to tourists at a balmy 56 °F.

Everything changes, but everything remains the same …


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