NYC: Central Park Gallery

For almost four years I walked through Central Park almost every day carrying my camera (15 lb. of equipment.) During those walks, sometimes the light was right, there were few people around, and my eye was open to see that angle or that detail. Often, I walked by the same paths and repeated my photographs with different light, in different seasons, and/or under different weather conditions.

Central Park is the perfect place to combine the natural and urban environments.

American Elm trees 

Under the Willowdell Arch 

A Walk in the Park 

American Elm trees 

American Elms in Winter 

American Elm 

The Pond and The Plaza 

The Mall 

Snowstorm over Sheep Meadow 

Nor'Easter over Central Park 

Storm Stella over The Pond 

American Elm trees 

Lady of the Water 

Female House sparrow 

European Sterling 

The Pond 

A wood duck 

The Mandarin Duck at The Pond 

Bridge Over Calm Waters. 

The pass bridge 

A stand of American Elm 

Soaking up the sun in Sheep Meadow 

City pigeon 

Life in the Time of a Pandemic 

Magnolia flowers 

Concert at the Bethesda Terrace 

The San Remo at night 

Tulips in blossom